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Where to start?

What do you like? Don’t know? That’s OK!

Try the “tests” on the following websites to get an idea of the things you might like to start researching:

Sexual Alpha BDSM Test – a great breakdown of what you might be interested in, along with a how and why!

BDSM – a choice of the short or long version of the test, with a rundown by percentage of your kinks for further research/comparison.


IMPORTANT – Shibari & Rope Bondage can carry significant risks, particularly for the nervous system and circulation. Please take the time to study, ideally with professional tuition at a local studio, dungeon or similar. has a good post on Nerves & Circulation too.

Wax Play

Beginner Kink

For Dominants & Submissives

Though some of these books may be targeted at one role or another, I believe it is important and valuable knowledge for everyone – if you understand what your partner knows, expects and is likely to do you will feel more comfortable and secure in your role too.