Roses & Violets

Roses & Violets and stainless steel eyelets

to keep you suspended ’til the scene has ended.

Once we’ve given consent, reality’s bent

and once we’re both there, we’ll share aftercare.

With floggers & canes as you relish the pain,

the sensations of touch, ’til it’s almost too much.

Wax play and candles, I know you can handle,

restraint & blindfold, you’ll do as your told.

Stories of pleasure to your friends you will tell,

unless of course I gag you as well.

Submit to me, set yourself free,

with paddles, red cheeks, be all you can be.

Rope, clamp & toys, you live for the joys,

relish the journey as I temper your yearning.

The tingling’s building, the rush is upon you,

the only thing left is for me to fuck you.

Cole Wolfwood